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At present there are four or more vendors that have various responsibilities in regards to typical garage and loading dock doors. They consist of camera and security, access control, traffic and revenue collection, door mechanical and door electrical services. Increasingly, there is also a barrier gate arm vendor, anti-terrorist barrier vendor, security guard and/or loading dock manager who have some degree responsibility in opening management.

In addition, there are the parking garage operators and the building engineering group who are concerned about pipes freezing, lighting and electrical supply. And let us not forget about the property managers who take the heat for all of the above when the tenants become trapped in the garage after hours; are victims of crime; or are inconvenienced by system breakdowns.

And another issue: Layered doors for use during different times of the day or seasonal weather conditions. Many applications increasingly use grilles to allow air flow, rolling steel for night security, and high speed doors for high-cycle operations and climate control. Any equipment failure leads to disruption of building operations, angry tenants/customers, and security issues. In addition to normal operations are the special conditions of differing security profiles during and after hours, (day/night modes), fire alarm conditions, emergency lock downs, vandalism, vagrants, trespassers and tailgaters.

The SDS-0400 is designed to address in a meaningful way the issues raised above and create a new operational transparency not allowed by current technology. The integration of web based monitoring and fault reporting, component level equipment monitoring and control, camera control and event specific recording, and much more, gives unprecedented levels of information and control in one package.

The SDS-0400 keeps logs and records of all input and output activity, as well as any software generated commands, fault, and log ins. The software controlled camera captures and the SD card stores pictures of software determined events. The events; maintenance, security, hit and operational; are stored in event logs and/or sent to offsite data storage.

The SDS-0400 collects and maintains a database of operational cycles, spring cycles, timer settings, in and out counts, let-outís, and other data fields specific to the location and type of installation.
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